Why not come and pay us a visit at Premier Training College at anytime and have a little chat with one of our friendly staff or have a chat with learners about a very unique learning experience that the college offers.

We are happy you have made the decision to continue your training so that you can fulfill your dreams and make a worthwhile contribution to the future of the economy. The government applaud people like you who have made this mature decision and therefore your tuition is FREE, paid for by the government.

We can assure you that college life at Premier will provide you with an opportunity to have fun, build friendships, learn new skills and make memories that can last a lifetime.

Your life in college will be different from your previous education experience in school. We refer to you as learners instead of students or pupils and you refer to your tutors, by their first names. You will be treated like the young adults you are and so we expect you to have a level of maturity and independence.

We expect, that while you will enjoy your experience at college that you will also work hard to gain the skills that are needed to get you the job you need or to move you into further education. Remember, the job market is tough especially for young adults like you but by completing your course you have put yourself one step ahead because employers are looking for people with knowledge, skills and resilience.

We know that not having Maths and English is usually one of the of the biggest worries of young adults leaving secondary education. We are here to tell you that there is no need to worry just step into the college or give us a call and one of our tutors will be more than happy to put you on the right path.

Your tutors are very professional and they are trained to be active listeners. Therefore, if you should ever feel the need to talk about things that are causing you concern, there is always someone willing and ready to listen and give you sound advice.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to get in touch on 0121 582 0391 and ask for either Sean, Natasha, Chris, Michael or Sheraine.